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Advogato again (7 replies)

Posted in the Living Room by Joe on April 27, 2008
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I was just about done typing up a post about Advogato and how its community differed from most blogs, and then I went over there to check on something and realized my entire thesis was wrong. So let me ask a question to see if I can salvage it, or if I’m just a blind idiot:

I last used Advogato 4 years ago. I could have sworn at the time, there was no way to leave a comment on a post, leading to lots of people making posts in their own journals just to reply to a post in another journal. But the top post on avogato.org right now has 7 replies, so apparently it’s possible.

Has it always done that, or was it added recently? (That is, some time since 2004?)


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  1. Simon Law said,

    It’s rather recent.

  2. Joe said,


  3. Uh, Advogato still doesn’t have comments. This is an article, not a journal entry. Here’s an article of mine from more than 7 years ago, with plenty of comments: http://advogato.org/article/222.html

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