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Advogato #0

Posted in the Junk Room by Joe on April 18, 2008
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Originally posted on Advogato on March 22, 2004:

First post!

Anyone else find the list of project relationships is a bit limited? (At least, it’s not defined as well as the Certifications.) I just listed myself as a “Helper” on SWIG, even though all I’ve really contributed are a few minor patches. I’ve been using it quite a bit now at work – including digging into the massive and complex support libraries – and I figure I know as much about it as anyone who isn’t one of the core developers by now. (Now I will go in on Monday and be proved entirely wrong about that.) But there’s really no way to list myself as “Observer” or “Interested Follower” or “Available to help you if you’re having problems with it”, which is really what I want to say.

Commentary: 4 years later, I don’t really care much how Advogato’s organized. And I’ve forgotten most of what I knew about SWIG – the last time I worked with Python bindings, we used Boost.Python, which had a different set of tradeoffs: clunkier for simple things (you have to wrap every method by hand, but it’s only one line each), but much, much nicer as soon as you need to do something complicated. (That’s only a vague impression though, as I was mostly a consumer – the framework was already written when I arrived.)


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  1. Mark J Musante said,

    This is the first I’ve heard of Advogato. The name makes me think of cats and advertising. Or lawyers. How did you originally hear about them?

  2. Joe said,

    They’re a very old school site (from before the term “blog” was invented) oriented towards free software. It dates back to the period when Slashdot was interesting, which I assume is where I first heard about it. Its main point of interest is that users “certify” other users to say how well they know them and what their level of skill is, so if you see a comment from a random person you can look up whether people you know trust them to know what they’re talking about.

    The reason I actually got an advogato account is that several people in my company at the time were using them (and still are today). I never liked the interface much, though, so I never bothered keeping up with it.

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