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Advogato #2

Posted in the Junk Room by Joe on April 18, 2008
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Originally posted on Advogato on March 25, 2004:

Wonderful timing – just after I got all excited in my last post, Mark Hahn announced Prothon, a prototype-based language closely based on Python.

Pros: they advertise a better interpreter (but why not just use the same terp for Python?), no rough edges like the __init__ problem.

Cons: not actually Python compatible, so you can’t use existing class libraries.

I imagine I’ll look quickly at it, say, “Very nice,” and then keep using Python. Because this is pre-alpha, and Python works now. And hacking with metaclasses is fun!

Commentary: prothon.org is dead, and I assume the language went with it. I stopped following it because the author kept adding his own pet syntax changes and preferences that had nothing to do with prototypes, so it got farther and farther from Python.


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